Local Buying Tips


As an independently owned and operated CENTURY 21® office, we are dedicated to providing you with service that is professional, courteous and responsive in helping you find a property. To fulfil this commitment, we agree to provide you with the following services:

1. Consult with you to determine your particular real estate needs. We will help you define your
financial ability to purchase, and explain alternative methods of purchasing and financing.
2. Familiarize you with the community to help you with your neighbourhood and property choices.
This may include properties listed with our office, as well as those offered through other real estate
3. Explain local real estate procedures, including typical closing costs and purchase agreements.
4. Offer/ show properties in accordance with Fair Housing Regulations and ethical real estate
5. Disclose material facts known about the property. Respond accurately to questions concerning the
6. Assist in arranging mortgage financing.
7. Assist you with arrangements for a variety of relocation services, and provide a CENTURY 21® Referral
which offers you the services of a CENTURY 21® office in your hometown (where available) should
you require assistance in selling your existing property.
8. Assist you in preparing a purchase agreement, and help facilitate the preparation and completion
of all paperwork pertaining to the purchase of your new property (as permitted by law).
9. Promptly present all written offers to sellers or their designated representative as prescribed by law
or local practice.
10. Upon acceptance of an offer between you and the seller, monitor all pre-settlement (escrow)
activities throughout the closing process as permitted by law or local practice.
11. Keep you informed throughout the entire real estate purchase process.

“NOTICE: As a prospective purchaser of real estate, you should be aware that co-operating (“selling”) brokers and sales associates can work for you as your agent, in which case they represent you and owe you the fiduciary duties of loyalty, confidentiality, disclosure, diligence and care; or with you as a subagent (unless prohibited by law) of the listing broker, in which case they represent the seller, and the fiduciary duties are owed to the seller; or with you as facilitators (as permitted by law) representing neither party to the transaction; or in such other brokerage relationship as may be permitted by law. In any case, as real estate licensees, we are at all times obligated to treat you honestly and fairly, and in most states (and provinces), inform you of our particular representation status. In the event we do not represent (work for) you in the transaction, should you feel it necessary or desirable, you can obtain representation from a lawyer or another real estate broker or both.”